WeHikes Outdoor Education Program takes students outside of their “comfort zone” so they can learn more about who they are & how they interact with others. WeHikes adventure activities create opportunities to explore issues of trust, overcoming fear, improve self-confidence and teamwork. Our program builds community and culture, raises motivation levels, and develops positive associations around school and the outdoors.


Aim - Outdoor Edu

  • LEARN from Adventure based activities
  • DEVELOP a deeper relationship with nature
  • ENHANCE personal and social relationship
Outdoor Education
Outdoor Adventure

Our Course

  • Navigation & Map Reading
  • Trekking & Camping
  • Rope Course Adventure Workshop
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Team Building Activities
  • Learn to setup a Camp/Tent
  • Learn Campfire cooking

Your Safety - Our Team

  • Our team is adept at listening to kids, drawing out their passions, and engaging them fully
  • First Aid/CPR certification, background checks, and a high level of training
  • Safety Kit provided by our staff during all activities
  • Mountaineering course Qualified Trek leaders
Outdoor adventure

Our Practical Theme

WeHikes Curriculum for Outdoor Education is made in a way that it helps the students to learn better in an controlled outdoor environment. Our Students will go through series of Outdoor Activities to Develop the skills Listed below. Our team coordinate during the whole program.

Safety & well being Outdoors

  • Introduction to assessment of hazards, and knowledge of benefits of time in outdoor environments
  • Moving safely outdoors. Non controlled water environments, rivers, ponds and dams
  • Route plans and options. First aid and repair kits. Let someone know before you go. Fitness preparation.

Group Dynamic Skills & Leadership

  • Introduction to personal responsibility during outdoor activities.
  • Leadership tasks, roles and methods for effective group functioning during outdoor activities.
  • Impact of preparing well. Introduction to group roles such as leader, front-marker, navigator. Introduction to group responsibilities such as group food preparation.

Outdoor Living Knowledge & Skills

  • Introduction to self reliance and minimal impact.
  • Preparing own lunch, participating with a group and following a route in the outdoors.
  • Skills and knowledge to participate in a lightweight journey with increasing independence

Environmental Awareness

  • Promoting curiosity, identifying fears of nature and outside environments, and promoting discussion about nature.
  • Identifying and accessing outdoor spaces for adventure recreation.
  • Night/dusk walk, exploration within boundaries, introduction to hazards in natural environments.

Health & the Outdoor

  • The importance of fresh air and open space for play
    E.g. Allow time for running, jumping, rolling, climbing, laughing and exploring.
  • Investigate how experiences in nature can improve physical and psychological health.
  • Introduction to games and activities that require little/no equipment in open space areas.

Environmental Management, Conservation & Culture

  • Minimal impact on a walking excursion, and improving local environments.
  • Keep to designated tracks, participate in clean-up of local environment.
  • Project exploring the ecological impact of introduced plants and animals and attempts to manage them.


It is a stimulus for learning, a way to bring academic subject areas to life while offering physical challenges that promote personal and social growth.